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23 Feb

Mac or PC? The question is age-old. It has been around for as long as the comparison has been available. Some people are die-hard Mac users; some people wouldn’t use anything other than a PC if their life depended on it. But what about those in the middle? What about those of us who don’t have a favorite, or an urge to use one specific brand over the other? How do you choose? One member of our Dream Team, Jake, is in this pickle as you are reading this. So what did we do? We put together a comparison to aid in your decision making.
Macs vs PC

Personal views: why I like using Macs vs PC .
  • Macs have a better user interface they are simple and are  intuitive.
  • I enjoy the user interface of  a Mac combined with the programs I use vs the windows program that is on the PC. (I use design programs on a daily basis and have used both a Mac and PC.)
 The Time my Mac lasted Longer than My PC
I have the same Mac computer at my place of work for over 3 years. This computer is left running all day and all night using programs ranging from the adobe creative sweet to Internet browsers to Microsoft office package. This computer has lasted for the two years I have Ben there (it was there for more than one prior to my arrival) It is still kicking strong and not showing signs of failing.
 I purchased a pc my senior year of highschool. By the 3rd year of operation the hard drive failed. At that time I was not using design programs on it and used it mainly for writing papers and surfing the web. The price to get it fixed was the third of buying a new computer. So I didn’t.
I vote Mac!
The Real World:
Bottom line you will not find a mac for cheaper than $1000.
With that being said you can find a pc for less than half of what it costs to purchase a Mac.
(To Be Continued)