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Homeschooling Is Stepping Up Its Game.

25 Mar

Schools are becoming more advanced and digital, they are providing different opportunities to students through the use of tablets, online applications and other recent technological advances. Paperless education asks: Will homeschooling parents be able to give their students the same opportunities?
Lets break some stereotypes and erase the traditional image of homeschoolers. These kids don’t have it easy and in many cases they are given more difficult assignments with less time to complete them. They follow the same schedule and are in trouble with not only their teacher, but also their parent if they don’t get their work done correctly and on time.
Traditional knowledge tells us that a homeschooled student will not get the same experiences and quality education as a student enrolled in a private or public institution. Fortunately for homeschoolers this thought is beginning to be something of the past. Technology has created the possibility for homeschoolers to utilize the same materials and gain access to the same pool of knowledge as every other student in the district. This has been the case for quite some time with the invention of the Internet, but has recently been accelerated with the help of websites TheWiredHomeschool.Com and online applications on tablets and iPad’s. Homeschooling parents, and students, now have access to the same programs that traditional teachers are using to teach whole classrooms.

A lot of homeschooling is done through online classrooms like InternetHomeschool.com or EHarvy.org. Students, with guidance from their homeschool teacher, attend school like any other elementary, middle or high school kid, however instead of rolling out of bed and catching the bus, they roll out of bed and log in. We encourage you to take a look at these online schools if you are interested in homeschooling your child. Here is a link to a blog post by the business insider titled 10 websites that make homeschooling easy.

It’s a great place to start if you are struggling with finding unique ways of teaching your student.

The ability to have one-on-one teaching moments day after day, and access to all the same materials and learning programs as any other student is pretty awesome! Plus, you get to teach your child.. who wouldn’t want to have their child as a student? (Okay I’m sure some of you would disagree with me but that’s a whole other blog post) We are super excited to see that even homeschool education is thriving in this digital society. Please post a comment or send us an email if you have questions or updates for us!

Till next time –Paperless Education.