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This is a Farewell

29 Apr

For those of you that have been reading this blog, we thank you, but there is some sad news; this will be the final entry of the Dream Team.

It has been a fun ride for those of you educators who are interested in paperless education. This blog has covered a vast variety of things, from reasons that teachers should blog to different resources that teachers can use for teaching paperless.

We have taken stops at the benefits of paperless education, Mac vs. P.C., an awesome new thing called virtual field trips, and even how to keep students engaged. We wanted to show how paperless education can benefit the environment as well as using technology for good in school instead of the evil it is usually attributed to.

We would like you to always keep finding new ideas for what will hopefully be an illustrious future in paperless education. There are many ideas on our past blogs that might be able to help, and each blog has a few links that can also assist you in finding new ideas. But, in case you need even more help….

Here are some links to other blogs that have to do with paperless education:

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For those of you that followed us, we thank you once again, and on behalf of the entire Dream Team, I wish you Happy Blogging and Happy Teaching.


5 Reasons Why Teachers Should Blog

20 Apr

A lot of people are hesitant to start a blog because more often than not they believe they have nothing to say. However they often overlook the many benefits that they could get from blogging. Teachers and educators especially have so much to gain from blogging and we firmly believe that all should!

Here are a few of those reasons:

Blogging Helps You Reflect

Teachers often think back on what happened in their classroom and wonder what they could have done better. Blogging can help with that process by enabling teachers to log their actions, procedures, successes and failures, and issues they may have run into.

Reflection and self-evaluation are key components in personal and professional growth.

Blogging Connects You

Blogging provides the opportunity to connect with people from all corners of the world. Allowing you the opportunity to share and exchange ideas with people from all different perspectives. This also that helps us build a global classroom.

 Blogging Allows You To Share your Expertise

Blogging is also a great place to share you own knowledge and expertise with the world. Regardless of what you have to say in your blog posts someone somewhere will learn from it. Everyone learns and grows from different experiences; a blog is a place where you can share that knowledge.

Blogging Motivates You

Blogging provides opportunities for like-minded people to gather together and share their passions. Creating the perfect environment to draw inspiration and motivation from.

Blogging Is A Way To Find Support

Everyone at one point or another in their life could benefit from a little support. Through blogging you can develop a network of other people in your same shoes will most likely be able to answer any question or address any concern that you have. Even in the unlikely scenario where they couldn’t you will at least have a sympathetic ear.

If these reasons aren’t enough to get you excited about blogging Robert Shuetz has a Top 10 list and here are 50 examples of great Teacher blogs.