Teachers Joining forces via Social Media!

13 Apr

Social Media: How do I be professional about it?

In the new, digital age we live in all types of people are benefiting from utilizing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to connect with long lost friends, find new information and post about things they are knowledgeable about. Educational professionals are certainly well within the group of sharers of knowledge. It is in your nature as an educator to share the wealth and we at PaperlessEducation appreciate that so much!

Social media sites can benefit more than those who you share your funny stories, interesting facts and the latest new blog with. You and your fellow educators can use social media sites as a tool to create an information network filled with digital classroom activities, cool online field trips, or the info about the latest iPhone app for educators. PaperlessEducation has prepared a few tricks and tips to get this started in your district.

Google +

Many, if not all of you are on Facebook, a lot of you may even be on Twitter. However, something that not too many probably have is Google+. Google+ has a few powerful tools that can be used by educators that may bring more benefits than Facebook.

We suggest you create a private community filled with your schools faculty. In this private community you can create different discussion boards that focus on different aspects of your educational community.

This is a great place to post links to new education articles, what your class will be doing for next week’s fieldtrip or any other educational related content that is worth sharing within the community.

David Lee has created an awesome blog post about how to go about creating each aspect of the Google+ Community. If your interested see what he has to say right here.


A few of you may be on Twitter as well! Kudos to you! Twitter is one of our favorite micro blogging sites that we visit on an hourly basis.

It’s a great place to learn about the current events in the world, have a few chuckles and even post something you think is really interesting. As an educator it is imperative that you create a twitter account.

There isn’t a requirement that you post about what you had for breakfast lunch and dinner or even what the weather looks like outside. We would like to see you posting about topics that relate to your specialization or link to a news article that is breaking news about something you are passionate about.

Anyways I’m getting off track. Twitter is a great place for educators to link other educators up with new information that you can use in your classroom. How does this happen?

Well Twitter has a couple features to it that will allow you to instantly find information that you are looking for. You may search for information on Twitter just like Google. Twitter will put the latest, most relevant up to date information at the top after you click search. All you need to do is visit: www.twitter.com/search. Twitter will not only search the Hashtags associated with the tweet, but also the content inside the tweet for the key words you searched for.

The other search feature Twitter has available to you is called a list. A Twitter list is an awesome tool that is perfect for educators. Twitter lists can be as broad or as specialized as you would like. You specify who is on the list, and who is not. As an educator you could create an education list and select all educational Tweeters that you follow to be on the list. By making your list open to the public, and sharing it with others you will be able to build a network of information worth reading and spreadin. Here is a link to an article that gives the four-step process of creating the list.


Finally for those of you who don’t like Facebook or Twitter because your students are also using those sites there is a new social media site in town just for you! EdWeb.net is a professional social media site focused on connecting educators with other educators. Technorati.com, a blog focused on current issues caused by technology has a great article of why educators aren’t using the social media sites like facebook and Twitter and why EdWeb.net is gaining more popularity. Check out the article here!

There are a thousand other sites and things that you and other educators can visit and do, we would just like to make sure you know which ones we think are the best! Our next blog post will focus on one of the most important aspects of being a teacher in the digital age. Blogging. You will have to check back next week to find out more about that one though!

If you have questions feel free to comment or send us an email,


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