Virtual Field Trips

9 Mar

When I was in elementary school and it was field trip day I was the most excided kid in the world! I would get up early, sneak snacks into the bag lunch my mom had made for me then and walk out the door with a smile on my face. When I got to school I couldn’t wait for the busses to leave – this had nothing to do with the fact that I got to skip Mrs. Myer’s math class.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on the way you look at it) students of the future may not get to experience the same feelings I did. It is becoming more and more popular for teachers to take classes on virtual trips instead of actual field trips. Paperless education has done its research and found 3 pretty awesome virtual/interactive field trips that we would love to have been introduced to while in grade school.

Virtual Tour of Mars

Who wouldn’t want to go to mars and back all in one day? There are many sites that give several computer animated tours of Mars. One that I thought was both interactive and informational comes from of the Black Eyed Peas has created a foundation called Will.i.STEAM. This foundation focuses on informing and encouraging young students to explore the related fields of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts & Math.) Because of this foundation students have the ability to learn much more than what Mars’ atmosphere is made up of, they get to travel the planet, listen to experts and learn in an interactive way. Visit the site if you are interested!


Africam is a site that can take students to a whole new world within our own. This site is very unique as it allows viewers to watch video cameras that have been set up in areas that are frequently visited by a variety of safari animals. This includes elephants, owls, cheetah cubs, giraffs and more. Students are able to interact with the site by posting comments, moving the remote controlled web cams and clicking the links for more inforamtion about the safari. This is an overall top pick by Paperless Education.

White House Virtual Tour

This site gives students the ability to view the White House. They can see where our president lives, does business and holds events. Within each stop of the tour there is either a photo or video explaining the room, area or hallway. There are often links sending the reader to additional government sites for more information. Did you know there is a beehive and movie basketball court on the Whitehouse campus? Check out the site and take the tour today!

These are just three out of hundreds of online field trips out there. Paperless Education encourages you to find your own and share them with us and your friends. Our world is becoming increasingly digital; because of this the way we teach and learn will always be changing.

Be sure to comment if you have questions!


2 Responses to “Virtual Field Trips”

  1. daisy1234 March 20, 2013 at 9:46 pm #

    Great piece! I ended up checking out Africam and found myself staying on it for hours!!!!

    • comm442edu2 March 21, 2013 at 11:07 pm #

      So glad you enjoyed it! We found ourselves doing the same. Pretty intriguing isn’t it?

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